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Creating healthy beautiful environments

Originally founded as indoor plant hire company Tropical Plant Rentals, the company evolved in recent times to TPR GROUP: Healthy Office Environments. Today TPR is the leading provider of office wellbeing services, servicing over 1,500 business clients Australia wide, operating in major states, capital cities and towns including Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Canberra, Wollongong and Melbourne.

Our key strength is being wholly Australian owned and locally operated.  Our owner-operators are backed by one of the largest Australian indoor plant hire companies which means you deal with a committed owner with a vested interest in your welfare, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise ‘on hand’.

Our key brands are Tropical Plant Rentals, Green Wall Systems, Aarons Coffee at Work and Short Term Hire. Additional brands include Office Artwork Hire, Designer Virtual Scapes; and Pot Plant Advertising. Our powerful suite of products and services will help make your office environment a positive place to work, enhancing financial, social and strategic performance. Indoor plant hire for instance, is extremely beneficial in cleaning the air we breathe by removing poisonous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from indoor air and emitting oxygen.  The positive effects of office plants reported in a recent study by the University of Tecnology Sydney (UTS) found plants promoted wellbeing, and therefore, potential performance. “Staff who had plants placed in their offices showed reductions in stress levels and negative feelings of a magnitude of 30 to 60%, while those with no plants recorded increases in stress and negativity of 20 to 40% …” Technical Nursery Paper ‘The positive effects of office plants’ July 2010 Issue 6, NGIA Australia.

Why choose us?

  • Leading provider of Healthy Office Environments
  • 40+ year’s experience, knowledge and expertise
  • Wholly Australian owned
  • Locally owned and operated, you deal with an owner with a vested interest in your welfare
  • Green Wall Systems specialists, offering 5 solutions to suit a range of wall applications
  • Extensive, quality product ranges, with a contemporary aesthetic
  • Short Term Hire plant stylists, creating events with the ‘wow factor’
  • Quick response times
  • Cost effective
  • ‘One stop shop’ for all your healthy workplace needs
  • Unobtrusive, friendly service
  • Attention to detail
  • Hassle-free hiring from TPR GROUP = peace of mind for you
TPR GROUP's Envionmental Policy

Caring for our Environment

TPR GROUP recognises its duty of care to its clients, stakeholders, employees, contractors and the local community to sustain and protect the environment in the course of business and to ensure that these environmental obligations are given equal importance to those relating to commercial performance and social responsibility. To achieve this, TPR GROUP has implemented a detailed management system for the environmental risk management.

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Woodlawn Koala Corridor

Our Community Commitment


TPR GROUP is not only committed to creating healthy, happy and productive work environments for people but is also dedicated to re-establishing bushland environments for native animals.

In January 2003, after witnessing the negative impact intensive farming practices had on natural habitats, TPR GROUP decided to make a difference by establishing “Woodlawn Koala Corridor” – a safe environment for local Koala communities and wildlife in the Gunnedah region.

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Committed to creating healthy working environments - places where people flourish.