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Sculpture and living plants come together

Modern sculpture and nature combined as one

Looking for something unusual and different to traditional floral arrangements? Why not consider Artvase “Office Artwork Hire”, our unique concept where modern sculpture and living plants come together to offer a stunning display. Designed by TPR GROUP and handcrafted by commissioned artisans, Artvase is exclusive – you won’t see it anywhere else! Being fully serviced and maintained, inspire your team with ‘Living Art’ that is polished and beautifully presented at all times!

artvase hire

Artvase 1

(486w x 800h)

Bring harmony & simple elegance to your reception with nurturing AV1 and enjoy nature and sculpture combined as one artwork.

artvase hire

Artvase 3

(278w x 745h)

Juxtaposed organic and man made forms create a visually appealing display with AV3. A stunning Bromeliad is a perfect selection.


Artvase 4

(300w x 1080h)

Individual AV4, inspired by beautiful Grecian urns of old, showcases wonderful plant specimens with simple elegance.


Artvase 5

(278w x 745h)

Soft and hard and textures presented in natural and man made forms contrast to achieve interest and variety with AV5.


Artvase 6

(710w x 530h)

Dali inspired AV6 embodies implied movement, creating rhythm and direction in form – perfect to bring the ‘wow factor’ to your office.


Artvase 10

(490w x 730h)

With repetition of small forms creating pattern & symmetrical balance creating harmony, AV10 adds a stylish focal point to key office areas.


Artvase 7

(624w x 784h)

Reminicent of our Opera House, AV7 makes a bold statement – a great conversation piece for boardroom and reception areas.


Artvase 8

(500w x 900h)

With A-symmetrical balance and smooth, reflective texture, AV8 contrasts beautifully with living plant specimens to bring tranquillity to busy workplaces.


Artvase 9

(430w x 815h)

Create interest and variety in contemporary offices with AV9 – highly unusual and organic in shape and form – a definite talking point!

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