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Environmental Policy

TPR GROUP recognises its duty of care to its clients, stakeholders, employees, contractors and the local community to sustain and protect the environment in the course of business and to ensure that these environmental obligations are given equal importance to those relating to commercial performance and social responsibility. To achieve this, TPR GROUP has implemented a detailed management system for the environmental risk management.

Through this system, TPR GROUP will:

  • supply quality plants to assist in cleaning the air in offices of clients; recycle plants and decorative containers where possible; endeavour to use environmentally sustainable containers such as ceramics, pottery and timber and use natural products such as neem soap and pyrethrum for cleaning purposes;
  • determine the potential environmental risks and consequences associated with the conducting business and implement an effective environmental risk management system which manages and monitors these risks at all times;
  • ensure that the requirements of all relevant legislation and regulations are met and the identification and implementation of new legislative requirements and preferred practices are facilitated; strive to continually improve its environmental performance;
  • ensure that all employees, contractors, service providers franchisees are made aware of the impact of their actions on the environment, are appropriately trained and/or motivated to conduct their activities in an environmental responsible manner and are compliant with, or exceed the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation; designate and appropriately train personnel with the responsibility of ensuring TPR GROUP environmental obligations are met; actively promote and develop initiatives to avoid impacts on the environment;
  • actively involve and take into consideration the views of interested parties; provide transparent monitoring and reporting of its environmental performance; and ensure that this policy is available to the public, contractors, service providers, franchisees, suppliers and other interested stakeholders.
    TPR GROUP believes that teamwork is essential in all we do. Therefore, while management has a key role in environmental responsibility, it can only be successfully achieved through the shared responsibility of management, employees, contractors, franchisees and service providers.