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Coffee Blends

Range of blend options to suit your taste preferences

Quality Arabica beans and coffee pods

Aarons Coffee at Work delivers fresh gourmet espresso coffee beans and coffee pods right to your door – hassle free. We use quality Arabica espresso coffee beans simply because they make the best coffee, being low in caffeine and acidity but high in flavour – with a distinctive aroma. For your added enjoyment we also offer: Coffee Enhancing Syrups (French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Caramel); Drinking Chocolate; Chocolate Toppings (sheer indulgence); Instant Soups and Chai Tea.

platinum blend

Aarons Coffee Platinum Blend

A beautiful high end, medium and soft bodied coffee with a lovely residual sweetness. Enjoy a truly smooth, wonderfully creamy coffee that will undoubtedly impress any coffee lover.
continental blend coffee beans

Aarons Coffee Continental Blend

The blend is a darker, medium coarsed coffee, well balanced with an excellent caramel-like sweetness and overall richness – a distinctive rich flavoured coffee that suits the coffee connoisseur. 

gold blend coffee beans

Aarons Coffee Gold Blend

The blend delivers a beautiful rich full bodied cup that tastes sensational. A medium to dark roast and extremely aromatic with delicate fruited flavours, this coffee is perfect for all coffee styles. 

platinum blend pods

Aarons Coffee Platinum Pods

continental blend pods

Aarons Coffee Continental Pods

gold blend pods

Aarons Coffee Gold Pods

decaffeinated blend pods

Aarons Decaffeinated Pods

chocolate toppings

Chocolate Toppings

3 bottles of syrup

Coffee Syrups

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