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Marine Art

‘Virtual Marine Art’ embodies hyper-real motion-picture portraits which make the viewer contemplate perspective, colour, shape and movement in a completely new way. This is no longer the underwater world, but underwater art. And the artistic possibilities are endless…

Filmmaker Artist David Hannan has dedicated hundreds of man-hours re-imagining digitally framed material on moving canvas from his vast marine footage library. Exploring software features transforms an ordinary undersea scene into a visionary experience, mesmerizing the viewer – all generated from our actual oceans.

Please note the displayed videos are low resolution to facilitate viewing quickly.

PlanktonTwirl – 5 min Sampler
Created by David Hannan in Papua New Guinea
Music: ‘Whirly-Twirly’ by Sam Hannan and Jacob Round

Enjoy this ‘otherworldly’ presentation of plankton rising from deep water during their nocturnal vertical migration. Integral to the oceans web of life, plankton are a crucial source of food for familiar aquatic life such as fish while photosynthetic species are also a vital source of oxygen in the air we all breathe.

Wild Cephalo – 5 mins
Created by David Hannan
Music:’Undersea Slide’ by Sam Hannan

Surreal Sea Creatures – 5 mins
Created by David Hannan
Music:’Timekeepers’ by Tania Rose

Cool Coral – 5 mins
Created by David Hannan
Music:’Corridor’ by Tania Rose

Virtual Marine Art Content

Rendered in a reversed colour palette, accentuating motion and weightlessness, view schooling fish rising from the abyss. Artificial colouration and heightened contrast combine to turn barracuda into arrows and bait fish schools into paint strokes.

Fluorescent colours accentuate the streamline shapes of sharks, and intensify the infinity of their watery world. Coral beds magically glow and pulse, shadows are white instead of black, and otherwise unnoticed textures are revealed and highlighted.

Ribbon eels and pipefish become more alien life forms, sea slugs and anemone tentacles pulse with electric colour, jellyfish turn into luminous spacecraft and manta rays into apparitions.

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