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Modern Sculpture

Inspire, motivate and encourage creativity in the office

Create the ‘Wow Factor’ at work

TPR GROUP’s ‘Four Seasons’ range of modern sculptures inspire, motivate and encourage creativity in the office. Discover the concept behind each sculpture by clicking on the images below and find one that suits your office requirements! In line with nature’s seasons, TPR GROUP will change your sculpture hire four times a year – just choose a sculpture to complement your office interior design. Should you become attached to one sculpture and wish to hire it on a permanent basis, you can, it’s up to you!



(450w x 160d x 890h)

Through contrasting texture, colour and shape, ‘Equilibrium’ epitomises the universal egg symbol for Yin and Yang – primordial forces in opposition yet when combined, symbolises perfect harmony.

sculpture DESTINY


(600w x 240d x 1100h)

‘Destiny’ celebrates summer in full sail with sculpted forms in tactile white resin, implying movement and direction, symbolising a journey full of promise and purpose.

sculpture ECLIPSE


(540w x 220d x 660h)

‘Eclipse’ pays homage to our awe-inspiring natural world, alluding to spectacular astrological phenomena, reminding us that we are part of a bigger picture.

sculpture EVOLUTION


(340w x 210d x 710h)

Embryonic in form, Evolution symbolises knowledge through experience and growth – the outer shell depicting wisdom and strength – the inner shell revealing vulnerability.

sculpture FORTITUDE


(220w x 140d x 920h)

‘Fortitude’ symbolizes strength, endurance and courage – the grit to assess a situation – the resilience and vision to navigate a path forward – and perseverance to succeed.

sculpture KISMET


(160w x 520d x 660h)

‘Kismet’ personifies good luck and good fortune through the repetition of bronze Chinese coins, linking and connecting, working together to present a united circular form – successful team outcomes.

sculpture HARMONY


(500w x 320d x 920h)

‘Harmony’ is the embodiment of diplomacy – tact, discretion, and the art of negotiation – mediation of all viewpoints, achieving solutions through balanced and enlightened dialogue.

sculpture INVIGORATE


(290w x 200d x 810h)

‘Invigorate’ symbolizes tenacity, determination and resolve through connected small components, relating and bonding, working in sync, ready to take flight and soar on a journey of discovery.

sculpture KARMA


(100w x 420d x 790h)

‘Karma’ represents autumnal trees with unembellished strong structures, created from small bronze coloured metal forms, connecting and reaching – representing accomplishment.

sculpture PROVIDENCE


(350w x 180d x 540h)

‘Providence’ symbolises reward and fulfillment gained through endeavour and smart enterprise – sustained effort and winning performance – realising a future full of optimism – triumph!



(320w x 420d x 1730h)

‘Reflections’ represents illumination and brilliance, encouraging us to contemplate our past, present and future – our strengths, our weaknesses, our successes – and grow through knowledge.



(300w x 250d x 1020h)

‘Renaissance’ rejoices new seasons, a reawakening, embodying the rhythm of nature. Repetition of small metallic planes, connecting and reaching upwards, welcoming change.

sculpture REVIVAL


(540w x 240d x 1120h)

‘Revival’ heralds the arrival of Spring with bursts of colour held in entwining, fashioned metal bands. A topmost chrome sphere, representing new life and growth, centres and balances the piece.



(380w x 440d x 1270h)

‘Serendipity’ embraces open discussion, ’think tanks’ and constructive feedback – the appreciation of different perspectives – achieving effective channels of communication – fruitful for growth.


(600w x 600d x 1445h)

‘Spirit’ celebrates courage, strength of character & determination to succeed, with striking connecting tactile resin forms, implying movement & positive direction – a voyage of discovery.

sculpture TRANSITION


(570w x 160d x 600h)

‘Transition’, reminiscent of our spirited Australian frill-necked lizard, highlights the value of change, modification and alteration in the protection of our wellbeing and security – adjustment for survival.

sculpture VERVE


(185w x 185d x 550h)

Stunning, contemporary ‘Verve’, showcased in boldly-coloured, glossy resin, celebrates vitality, vim and vigour – a vessel embracing the highly regarded ‘get- up-and-go’ attitude.

sculpture VICTORY


(500w x 180d x 650h)

Reminiscent of a valiant and heroic warrior, ‘Victory’ rejoices success in meeting and overcoming obstacles – a win, conquest and triumph, accomplished with honour and integrity.

sculpture VITAL


(550w x 210d x 895h)

‘Vital’, a beautifully rounded artwork featuring a superb glossy texture and striking colour contrast, reminds us to focus, attend to key elements and make fundamental decisions – crucial for growth.

sculpture YIELD


(270w x 160d x 730h)

‘Yield’ expresses good fortune and destiny through contrasting texture and colour, with a circular space as the key focal point, representing concentration, application and decision-making.

sculpture ZEPHYR


(510w x 330d x 1940h)

‘Zephyr’ takes inspiration from soft, velvety spring breezes, reflected through smooth, gently curved stainless steel. Oblique directions of form suggest gentle movement – creating soothing impressions.

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