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Virtual Aquarium

Coral reefs occupy less than one tenth of one percent of the surface area of the world oceans but form some of the most complex and diverse ecosystems, providing a home for a quarter of all marine species. Our Virtual Aquariums show observations of a small area of corals and animals living there – as if in a traditional fish tank.

Please note the displayed videos are low resolution to facilitate viewing quickly.

Rubble Action Feeders – 5 min Sampler
Filmed by David Hannan
Music: ‘Turtle Fields’ by Sam Hannan & Jacob Round

Only during king tides or calm seas is it possible to feed this high up the reef edge at the crest. Bathed in sunlight and exposed to the currents of the open sea, loose pieces of coral rubble accumulate just below the water surface, hiding plenty of food for Wrasse, Parrot, Angel and Butterfly fish.

Dawn Virtual Aquarium – 5 min Sampler
Filmed by David Hannan in Papua New Guinea
Music: ‘Corridor’ by Tania Rose

At daybreak the sun’s rays usher a multitude of beautiful small tropical fish into the currents as surely as an alarm clock. Anthias, Damsel, Angel and Butterfly fish join the morning’s rush hour, moving up and down the crystal clear water-column in search of tiny passing morsels of food.

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