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Virtual Ocean Aquarium

Over 4000 species of tropical fish are directly associated with coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific, most of which rely upon it entirely for their survival. Our Virtual Ocean Aquariums showcase this amazing biodiversity. Enjoy dynamic displays of large charismatic and unusual creatures – suitable for big screens and even entire walls.

Please note the displayed videos are low resolution to facilitate viewing quickly.

Spangle Fish-In-Your-Face – 6min 21s
Filmed by David Hannan at Ningaloo Reef, WA
Music: ‘Abstract Ambient’ by Sam Hannan

The Spangled Emperor is the largest of the Emperors, growing up to 1m and weighing up to 10 kg. They are carnivorous and eat bivalve molluscs, snails, octopus and squid with their hard toothy mouths. Divers have been warned to keep shiny objects such as rings hidden when confronted by these fish face-to-face!

The Wrasse – 4min 48s
Filmed by David Hannan near The Whitsunday Isl(s)
Music: ‘Dancing Dreams’ by Tania Rose

Hump-headed Wrasse can grow over 2m. They dine mainly on crustaceans and molluscs but also eat toxic animals such as boxfish and the Crown-of-Thorns-Seastar. Their exotic beauty makes them a target for the live fish or marine aquarium trade. The kind of interaction and trust witnessed in this film is very rare.

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