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Virtual Scapes Hire

Experience nature at work as never before

Have the view you've always wanted!

Created by a group of passionate cameramen, filmmakers and photographers, producing work for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel, these stunning ‘moving nature artworks’ on full HD medium have astonishing colour, clarity and depth. Wall and ceiling installations provide solutions to open up spaces and have the view of your choice.

Experience nature at work like never before

Be part of the inspirational environment that enfolds with Virtual Scapes

About Virtual Scapes

At TPR GROUP we believe it’s inherently human to want to connect with nature and vital for our wellbeing – despite the fact that most people in our modern world spend almost all of their time indoors. We are passionate about bringing nature into the workplace in a personal way, to facilitate a healthier, happier and more productive environment – a place where people and business thrive.

Our division Virtual Scapes provides that connection with our natural world in a gentle and unobtrusive way, where people can enjoy birdsongs, delight in beautiful flowers, observe marvellous innocent creatures, listen to the sounds of rain, feel revitalised near waterfalls and reflect under an open sky.

Our media collections, crafted and compiled by professionals over 30 years, provide hours of unique peaceful observations and reflections of sub-tropical rainforests, beaches, mountains, streams, ice forms, deserts, marine environments and sky scapes – ambience visuals in glorious Full HD with clear sounds of nature.

Servicing clients Australia-wide, we operate in major states, capital cities and towns including Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. When you arrange a Virtual Scape installation through TPR GROUP you deal with a locally owned operator with a vested interest in your welfare, backed by a national organisation.

Virtual Scapes are available in a range of Full HD screen installations to suit your requirements including Virtual Window, Virtual Sky, Virtual Ocean Aquarium and Marine Art. Our qualified professionals will visit your workplace and help you select the installation that best suits your space and create the environment you desire.

Key Benefits

  • Superb ‘moving nature artworks’ presented on Full HD medium with astonishing colour, clarity and depth of image
  • Virtual Scapes provide a practically hyper-real viewing experience on screens (almost 3D, without annoying glasses)
  • ‘Moving nature artworks’ are created by a group of exceptionally passionate and talented cameramen, filmmakers and photographers, producing work for the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel
  • The contemporary alternative to traditional artworks in oil, watercolour and acrylic
  • Wall and ceiling installations provide innovative solutions to open up any space and have the view you’ve always wanted
  • Perfect for reception, boardroom, and communal spaces to achieve a positive, welcoming and harmonious environment

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