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Woodlawn Koala Corridor Community Initiative

TPR GROUP is not only committed to creating healthy, happy and productive work environments for people but is also dedicated to re-establishing bushland environments for native animals.

In January 2003, after witnessing the negative impact intensive farming practices had on natural habitats, TPR GROUP decided to make a difference by establishing “Woodlawn Koala Corridor” – a safe environment for local Koala communities and wildlife in the Gunnedah region.

woodlawn koala

After consultation with Land Care and the Waterways Wildlife Park on the best way forward, TPR GROUP commenced Woodlawn by fencing a corridor over 1 km long by 40 metres wide, linking Black Jack and Sugarloaf Mountain habitats, to enable local koala colonies to travel safely between habitats.

woodlawn 2008

TPR GROUP commenced the next phase of the project which involved planting 1,000 trees using samples donated by the Forestry Commission and purchased tube stock. The majority of these were eucalypt specific seedlings including Tallowwood, River Red Gum, Yellow Box, Bimble Box and Grey Gum specimens.

plant seedling

To maintain biodiversity and further protect migrating koala colonies, Wattle, Casuarina and Kurrajong specimens were also planted. All seedlings were planted with guards, mulched and watered every month until they were well established – overcoming the tough drought conditions at the time.

preferred eucalypt seedling

Eight years on, Woodlawn is now a safe haven for migrating koala colonies and home to a host of birds, lizards, centipedes, dung beetles and ants. The once farmed land is returning to native bushland where fallen timbers rot, good bacteria grows, and an increasingly biodiverse habitat is forming. However, there is still an immense amount of work to be achieved.

woodlawn 2011

When the project is complete, Woodlawn Koala Corridor will accommodate 4-5 rows of eucalypt specific trees. Our goal is to plant approximately 1,000 seedlings per year. In Spring 2011, we commenced propagating seeds at TPR GROUP head office nursery in Annangrove, using seed collected from Woodlawn.

collecting seed

It is our intention to plant and establish a tree on behalf of every one of our clients over the next two years, and provide our clients with the exact geographic coordinates of their tree. By August 2012 the propogated seeds had grown into strong healthy seedlings and were sufficiently established for planting.

eight years tree growth

Two weekends were held in August 2012 where the further development of the Woodlawn Corridor was undertaken. Franchisees and Head Office representatives constructed new fencing and prepared the ground, ready for the established seedlings to be planted.

ground preparation

Then it was ‘all hands on deck’ as our TPR GROUP team, armed with shovels, treeguards and water, planted about 150 seedlings over an area of appromimately 20 metres wide by 400metres long. We were blessed with the weather which was sunny but cool which helped the seedlings settle in.

planting crew 2012

Once all the seedlings were planted, the treeguards put in place, and the seedlings well watered in, the ‘Quality Control Team’ consisting of the neighbour’s prime hereford herd, moved in to inspect our work. As far as we could tell, they seemed very impressed with the result as they looked over the fence.

quality control

By hiring healthy office products such as indoor plants from TPR GROUP you are supporting Woodlawn Koala Corridor by enabling us to continue to re-establish and maintain this very special habitat for Australian native wildlife. A huge thank you to all our customers on behalf of all the Woodlawn residents.

peaceful snooze